I’m Not Like Other Guys

Going to show my age right now. I remember when this video came out. First of it’s kind with an actual little mini movie as a music video, MJ comes out all sweet, then has something he ‘needs to tell her” and poof he’s a werewolf, then you’re thrown to see it’s a movie they are watching and they leave because she’s scared. (don’t forget the classic MJ comment watching popcorn meme) They leave and POOF, Classic MJ dancing, walking and of course singing. As they dance out in the darkness, crossing the graveyard, Vincent does his thing, and up come the dead. Suddenly, they are surrounded by zombies, with different intimidation moves and…. MJ zombie appears…. and now we dance. We all know the dance, even if you haven’t seen the video, you know the dance. I’ve done the dance, not well but I have done it. In the end, she runs off, gets surrounded, and it all was a dream…. or was it.

I was going to do a comparison about how we aren’t like other call centers. Our goal is to make sure that the voice we have and how we talk to your customers, are exactly what you would do and how you would say it. But in the end, after reliving the video again, Steel Racoon is really something that takes your hardest customers, with the hardest questions and turns them into happy customers. We take the zombies, the werewolfs and the Karens and help them find their potential with a great dance, and in the end, we remind them that we are just one of them and are able to help ease their mind to making a scary decision. We also really relate to people that watch the insanity that other customer service agents do, and with open MJ popcorn memes, we are watching. Don’t let your customer service be a thriller, make it a thrill with Steel Raccoon.

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