Our Story

Take Your Business to the Next Level by Offering Excellent Customer Services

Our experienced team is equipped with the right skills to help you connect with your customers and make them feel at home.


Dedicated Professional Support

We offer 24.7, US based dedicated customer support. Email, chat or phone where available when you need us


Experience our Expertise

With 20+ years in the customer service industry, your customers will see the difference right away. Happier customer experiences leads to return customers and increased visibility


Simplicity and Flexibility

Our team accommodates all types of businesses. Small, Medium or Enterprise level companies have access to agents that know exactly what to do to help your customer make the decision you need them to.

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Experts At Work

Steel Raccoon Team Departments

  • Call Center Management

    Inbound, Outbound, service and sales

  • Digital Customer Service

    Customer Questions, Purchase follow up

  • Customer Value Diplomat

    Increasing Cart Value, Decreasing Returns

  • Pre Customer Response Team

    Landing Pages, Lead Generation

Our Customer


When we grew, Steel Raccoon grew with us, with a dedicated agent that knew all the ins and outs of our business. What a relief.

Carl Bryant

I wasn’t sure what do to with so many calls, Steel Raccoon kept up with my demand, and closed 85% of the incoming calls

Rebekah Johnson