Quality and Conversion

Making Our Customer Service Yours

Real Time Customer Service

Our customer service experts will increase the value of each customer while providing loyalty to your brand. Over the phone or through chat, we guarantee to treat your customers like our own.

Varied Voices Of Email

We believe that there is a voice for every brand. Our professional agents will keep the consistency of the voice of your company as we interact with your customers, providing expertise, warmth and knowledge they expect from your brand.

Masters Of Technology

Not everyone uses the same tools the same way. Our team has learned multiple CRM’s along with fulfilment software to insure expertise with the software you use. You use something different, we will become experts in no time and keep your business running smooth

Conversion Virtuosos

Taking a small order and turning it into an ongoing customer or helping to find just the right additions to an order is our speciality. Taking your customers and giving them the best value while increasing their spend is a win/win we pride ourselves on

More Than Customer Service

We have found that many clients don’t have resources for website design, copywriting, logo or corporate identity, programming and much more. In the end, we want to give your brand the best opportunity for success. Creating things that please the eyes and the bank account.

Available 24/7

We work when your customers need you

Having the ability to have an agent available can be the difference between a missed sale and a new long term customer. Our team has availability around the clock to meet your schedule to when you want to be available to your customer.

Maximizing Your Investment with Our Team


Dedicated Professional Support

We offer 24.7, US based dedicated customer support. Email, chat or phone where available when you need us.


Experience our Expertise

With 20+ years in the customer service industry, your customers will see the difference right away. Happier customer experiences leads to return customers and increased visibility.


Simplicity and Flexibility

Our team accommodates all types of businesses. Small, Medium or Enterprise level companies have access to agents that know exactly what to do to help your customer make the decision you need them to.

Commerce Profile

Gyms and Trainers

If you run a gym, you would be aware that it’s very difficult to retain your customers especially the new members and people who don’t like to exercise. Developing a relationship with your customers and connecting to them on a personal level can help retain new members.

Demand Generation

Build reliable brand awareness to bring in more high-quality leads. This strategy can make your business messages sound more confident and convincing, which ultimately leads to acquiring customers and making sure they stick around for a long time.

Vitamins and Supplements

The dietary supplement industry faces a lot of challenges when it comes to winning customer trust. From offering attractive deals and discounts to make sure your customers make repeat purchase through follow-up marketing, you can boost your revenue and retain your customers.

Continuity Products

Continuity products are products that are delivered automatically if your customer subscribes to the monthly plan. Persuading a customer to agree to automatic shipments is something that requires proper planning and an unfailing strategy. Other than supplements, people also subscribe to receive books, DVDs, coffee, and collectibles on a monthly basis.

Ship To Order Goods

Dropshipping is the future of commerce and if you’re not already doing it, think about starting it now. Customer services to improve your revenues in such a business model involves estimating a realistic delivery date, tracking options, and different channels to make a purchase.

Course Creators/Membership

Whether it’s a problem with their account, difficulty accessing a feature, or just wanting to let you know how much they’re enjoying your site, members will want to get in touch with you, and it’s important to have an easy way for them to do so if needed.

Get Updated on Customer Service Trends and great information on how we can help your business.

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Experts At Work

Steel Raccoon Team Departments

  • Call Center Management

    Inbound, Outbound, service and sales

  • Digital Customer Service

    Customer Questions, Purchase follow up

  • Customer Value Diplomat

    Increasing Cart Value, Decreasing Returns

  • Pre Customer Response Team

    Landing Pages, Lead Generation


When we grew, Steel Raccoon grew with us, with a dedicated agent that knew all the ins and outs of our business. What a relief.

Carl Bryant

I wasn’t sure what do to with so many calls, Steel Raccoon kept up with my demand, and closed 85% of the incoming calls

Rebekah Johnson

Steel Raccoon turned my small business into a smooth working machine. Increased my average cart sales by 22%

Jamie Stevens