Push It

It may only be Tuesday but the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist is ready to “Push It”. This song was basically on everyone work out playlist back when it first released. The type of music that makes you feel like you can do an extra set of reps or stack on some more weight for the next attempt. Static-X was a key supplement in my work out regime.

At Steel Raccoon, we Push It too when it comes to that combined relationship of marketing and customer service. Today is a great time to talk about the Health and Fitness industry. Our roots in this vertical are deep and we understand what it takes to make the whole campaign tick. The costs to acquire a customer are incredibly high. Yes, we focus on the CPA but what about all the time and money building your dream?

If you want to be more than a random checkout page on the internet please continue reading….

Your typical Nutra customer is unhealthy and realizes it but wants an easy solution. They have also tried and failed many other diets before and are skeptical that your new formulation is going to be a long term solution. Like any customer, they want to get more bang for their buck and seek education on what the ingredients in the stack also provide other health benefits.

Now imagine you have a customer lined up but they need some help getting over these roadblocks. Would they feel good about making a purchase if the agent on the phone was more focused on a script than being a consultive ally?

You need to give them the sense that they are speaking to health experts and that your product is the ultimate solution for their problems. As a marketer, you understand this fully because its what allowed them to even want to learn more to begin with. So many times though that passion for the product is lost with disconnected agents. How can I feel like I can lose all this weight when the agent doesn’t seem to care of think its achievable either.

You must push these customers to get the results but not with a heavy hand. It’s asking probing questions to gain trust and earn the respect of being that mentor. Once you have that relationship formed it makes having conversations about saving money on a larger supply or adding on another product to really supercharge their results a easy conversation that converts!

In conclusion, you need a natural unscripted approach to health. You can be that caring individual that changes their life for the better while growing your business through the word of mouth (and customer photos).

Let’s Push It today!

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