Wrestling with Marketing (Judas)

Look! Its no secret that I’ve been a wrestling fan since Hulk Hogan told us to Eat Our Vitamins and Say Our Prayers. There have been periods that I have checked out due to life being busy or just the product itself being kinda bad at times. I recently started watching again now that my son is a bit older and more interested in fake fighting. It’s been a lot of fun.

Today’s addition to the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist is “Judas” by Fozzy. It’s performed by professional wrestler Chris Jericho. I could easily talk about how Jericho has reinvented himself over his long career (he still wrestles weekly today) to stay relevant. When Jericho enters the arena his song plays and the entire crows sings along to this chorus. It’s really a sight to see in sports entertainment. However, I wanted to give a general overview of how much Wrestling has so much in common with Internet Marketing.

The Wrestling Industry has one goal in mind, Conversion. Very much like the Daytime Soap Operas, this entertainment medium is built on keeping you engaged and then spending your dollars to see how the story ends. Its why all the big matches are built up and shown on Pay Per View or as a special event on a streaming service. When a wrestler is on the microphone doing a “Promo” they are really in full salesman mode. They want you to believe that their match will be must see!

Some of the best talkers in wrestling will tell you that they have just taken their own personality and supercharged it to 100. Just like you would do in your marketing efforts. Wrestling has always been a huge inspiration to me. It gives me the courage to cut my own videos and promote my business and events.

Wrestling also follows the high ticket model as well. They cultivate fans throughout the year. Perhaps it starts with a Pay Per View purchase, that leads into online merchandise sales and before you know it you are spending $10,000 to fly to attend a week long WrestleMania event.

Everything they do is international with the mindset of making money. Just like every good Marketer I know.

They use social media pretty savvy too but that’s another blog down the road. For now, enjoy Judas in your mind and come be back tomorrow for more rock and roll.

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