When Worlds Collide

I remember when I first learned about Powerman500. They had just released their initial EP and local rock radio was promoting how the front man was Rob Zombie’s brother. Could this band be actually good or are they simply riding some modern day nepotism? They quickly proved critics wrong and followed up with a major album that frankly just kicks ass.

Today, “When Worlds Collide” crashes onto the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist. Now that you’re well acquainted with Powerman 5000. Let’s do a clearly obvious transition to some serious Customer Service Insights.

When I think of Worlds Colliding, I think of the explosive results that come from the proper mix of Marketing and Customer Service. One of the simplest tricks I did when I entered the world of Direct Response Marketing was bringing trust and believability to the products, supported by well trained agents. You’ve got to understand coming from the BPO world that your approach to a service plan is not some blueprint that you just replicate. To truly get results you have to mimic the brand, the excitement of the campaign, and be educated in all the copy that helps lead to the customer considering a purchase.

When you can finely tune this in you’ll see amazing results. Higher Order Values, Lower Refunds, and Chargebacks completely mitigated. You’ve also accomplished the difficult challenge of being accepted as an every day brand in the eyes of your customers.

Like two planets crashing into together. It’s a beautiful thing!

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