This month we become Steel Panther

October is finally here and the Steel Raccoon team is crazy excited about our plans this month. This month we become Steel Panther (well sorta!). We are going to embrace a lot of Rock N’ Roll before we lean heavy into all the Halloween Spooky fun. So please do us a favor and keep checking in for the latest song and marketing business insights during October’s Biggest Party.

Steel Panther used to perform all over Las Vegas lounges before they really blew up on a national scale. These guys embraced the fun of this musical era and became more than just a cover band that helps sells entrance fees and drinks. So when I say that we are becoming Steel Panther this month it’s an attitude! We literally want to bring it every day.

Answering customer service calls and emails day after day can create burn out. It’s why we basically celebrate everything! We are never afraid to Rock and that keeps the environment fresh for the customers we service.

We begin with “Eyes Of A Panther” to the Spotify Playlist. So many surprises in store this month, thank you in advance for joining the tour.

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