What Makes You Legendary?

Only the most hardcore Sublime fans are familiar with “Scarlet Begonias”! Its low-key my favorite song because it has a casual vibe and always makes me smile. We have had a lot of additions from Sublime’s Legacy be part of our Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlists. They were the Godfathers of Beach Reggae coming to the mainstream. It doesn’t hurt that practically all their music is catchy and excellent.

So what makes you Legendary? I’d say consistency in your business. Whether that be in your marketing efforts, product reliability, or the level of Customer Care. Customers can sense trends and will always be able to tell when your efforts fall off.

Disney is a nice example of being consistent within Customer Service. Walt made it one of the most important aspects of his offering. His goal was to immerse you in a world where you only need to focus on your enjoyment. He also sold lots of merchandise, concessions and park tickets too! 60 plus years later and its always one of the brands mentioned in this category for good reason.

It breaks down to making a choice that you want to have excellent service and all the benefits that come with it. That effort should begin as soon as you start making sales. Getting that early buzz of having amazing service never hurt anyones business that I’m aware of.

Consistency in customer service brings the trust for a deeper customer relationship. This mindset is really important for those that chase a high ticket end game within their business plan. If you want to eventually sell $10,000+ packages you need to provide the same white glove service to those customers that you treat your free e-book inquiries. You’re setting the tone on how customers will always be treated in your organization. It’s a lot easier to make a big purchase decision when you have always been taken care of in the past.

How can you add some consistency back into your business? How can you be a legendary brand like Sublime years later after the initial boom of success? Steel Raccoon would be glad to help you in that conversation. Consider booking some private time today!

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