As Long As the Music Goes On

The Vibes continue this September. Its been a joy sharing all this great music and I appreciate all the nice feedback on the recent customer centric content contained within these posts. The band Slightly Stoopid was an original groups to blend alternative rock with beach reggae. With a recent insurgence of popularity of the music scene this group exploded after thinking that the best touring days had fallen behind them. We honor them today with “Collie Man” being added to the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist.

Being consistent in business is huge. Your customer is paying attention as well. The efforts you make today impact your growth and sales down the road. In today’s market you barely earn a first impression. Setting the tone with prompt customer support is the way to approach a new relationship. It needs to be provided quickly and with a friendly atmosphere.

If you do Outbound Calls to your customers to keep them in the inner circle. You must demand that that experience feel like a hotel concierge is contacting you to make their day better. The customer can tell if the effort is lackluster. These type of interactions should never make the customer feel like they are just a name on a list being called in that moment of time.

All of these efforts end if that level of service decreases. Momentum occurs in social media, life, and even your customer support.

At Steel Raccoon, we train how to effectively manage all customer types. Does your current provider meet the communication standards required for brand supremacy?

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