The Next Drew Barrymore

Over the summer I discovered Brice Vine during a Beach Concert Series. I had zero expectations since I never heard of him and maybe that is why his performance and music was so freakin’ good. Its incredibly hard to come into a crowd as a mostly unknown and have the crowd in the palm of your hands before leaving stage to make way for the actual headliner.

“Drew Barrymore” joins the ranks of the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist. Today in the blog I wanted to go more into the “Shock and Awe” aspect of Customer Service.

A customer will contact your support when they need assistance, want more information, or they are upset about something in the process. In these interactions, the customer does not expect the experience to be anything more than “fine.” There has never been a better time than now to stand out as the company that is known for its caring service. The expectation is so broken that it can be capitalized immensely. Happy Customers are more likely to become loyal ones that continue to buy.

I wanted to share a few tips that can provide that joyful surprise for your customer.

An easy step is to be more of a listener in your conversations. Too many agents are scripted and have difficulty being natural. Listen first and apply the necessary response that is direct to the question. Keep in mind you’ll need to show confidence in your answer. Summarize all your actions and get an agreement with the customer along with the way. This gets them in the habit of being agreeable. Which helps tons if you want to encourage an additional sale!

Another way to provide satisfaction is by actually following through. If you tell a Customer that you’ll call them back before 5pm with a resolution, you cannot miss this promise. I don’t think I need to detail how this impacts trust as we have all been that customer before. A truly irritated one as well.

One more quick tip before we end todays blog. Being more description in your conversations is absoltely necessary. If you are talking about steps in a process let the customer know what to expect and when. A phone conversation only tickles the hearing sense. It’s the agents job to be a visual storyteller in their presentation. Help the customer see how the refund will apply or describe how you properly use a tincture on some favorite foods.

Some of these methods may seem familiar in how you market to customers. And that’s intentional because we built Steel Raccoon with you in mind and from our own personal online business ventures.

I hope you enjoyed the tips. I would be glad to discuss them personally with you.

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