Who Brings the Light in Darkness?

Before I get into my conversation about the importance of guiding an anxious customer, please let me introduce our song today “Dawn of Time”. I recently saw the band Tribal Seeds perform in Las Vegas and they closed with this powerful song. It’s a musical journey of acknowledging how internally strong you are to face the negativity. A historical reminder of how great you actually are.

High Anxiety Customers can be very difficult to manage. They have already decided for themselves that the interaction with Customer Support is going to be painful or that they will have to possibly fight tooth and nail for the simplest of actions. They’re also not the best listeners because they are too overwhelmed with the current moment.

These are the types of calls that always get unnecessarily escalated. When it only took a few key things to make the interaction with the Customer a positive one. One of the first steps is maintaining your confidence and composure. There is no need to rush or speed talk this individual. Patience is going to be the first focus. These people are going to have a long story and want to be heard. Do not interrupt them but once the time is allowed, the Call Center agent needs to be empathetic and meet the customer in their mind set. Simply put, “I hear you, I can Help you. Here is what I am going to do to help. Does that sound good?”

This is a simple version of the conversation mind you but its really that easy. The customer is going to feel that you want to help them and you just gave them the security they needed all along. This will allow you to have a more casual back and forth while you are taking care of what was promised. This effort makes the agent look like a super hero and the customer leaves with a huge positive impression on your business.

Customers honestly expect the worst in a customer service interaction so its not very difficult to shock and awe them with incredible efforts. At Steel Raccoon, we teach our agents about the psychology of the customer and how that can be leveraged for a positive experience or achieving a high ticket conversion.

It’s why we are the best at Inbound Support and Outbound Sale Recovery. We are your customers educated helpful neighbor that always has time to listen. A perfect compliment for your online business.

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