Don’t Want to Make a Mistake

You’ve probably never heard of a band called “Ballyhoo!” but that ends today. This Maryland based band performs Beach Rock and has a keen eye for relationships and the challenges that come with them. After you enjoy their song “Mixtape” today, I would suggest checking out some more music and supporting them when they come to your next musical festival.

The one thing I love about Mixtape is how it can be seen as a positive song about potential love or a case sample of someone worrying too much about the prize that they have lost all sense of confidence in what they are doing. In short, he has a huge crush on a girl he see’s as unreachable, so he makes mixtapes to show his interest instead of going to actually talk to her. He’s so worried about the potential of a friend zone that he’s actually coming off not in the best light. Unfortunately his actions don’t lead the listener to believe her ever reached his goal.

It really comes down to having Confidence in your skill and working within the Customer Service world is no different. We boldly talk to customers about their wants and needs. Call Center work can really be compared to speed dating. We have a limited time frame to earn the trust of the caller and that can be accomplished with being prepared for the content through training but having the bravado to influence your customer after the trust has been set in.

At Steel Raccoon, we recruit for this type of confidence and execution. We want to woo your customers for a long term relationship its that simple. We can let you do all the mixtapes and love letters through continued marketing.

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