What You Give, Is What You Get Back

Thank you so much for checking in on a Saturday. Good Vibes are not a 9-5 job but a lifestyle right? Stick Figure embraces our Spotify Playlist with “Choice is Yours”. Fun fact about Stick Figure, all the musical instruments and lyrics are performed by one person on this beautiful album. The artist does use a tour band when he entertains fans on the road but this musical project is very much entrepreneurial in nature.

The song goes into Choices that we make and the pursuit of happiness. The message is spread that what you give into this world will return back to you. If you spend your energy into negativity you’ll only see misery in return. We all get the premise. Do good things and the world will reward you (most of the time).

Customer Service is no different. If you called into your Customer Service would you be satisfied with the level of care? Especially given the fact that you are paying for the service. Are you confident that an email will be read clearly and responded to with thought and care? Would you expect to receive a template response that doesn’t even answer your question?

We are Customer Centric at Steel Raccoon for this very reason. We simply treat and engage with customers just like we would want to be. When you lead with this mindset it’s nearly impossible to have a bad service interaction. People want to be heard, understood, and feel respected when talking to support.

Steel Raccoon is a USA Based Call Center that understands whats needed to make a campaign successful and our investment into people creates new business for you.

I encourage you to take a close look at what your are putting into your business. Are you proud of it? Is this the dream that you had at the dinner table with your partner? Steel Raccoon is ready to help you put more into your efforts that provide results.

Please let me know in the comments how you’re liking this months theme so far!

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