Might Be A Little Bit Crazy

Have you ever had a family member that was your best friend. Maybe? Have you ever had a best friend that just listens and never says anything? This whole movie revolves around a boy that does everything with his Grandma, she just sits in her wheelchair and listens, and sometimes smiles. One day you knock over some pictures and see a picture you’ve never seen. You see Grandmas dad that you’ve never known, but his head is cut off. Through adventures to find who it is, and find his passion, he travels to the underworld and learns about all of his family in the afterlife. Twists and turns, and best friends that aren’t who they say they are, this tale has a little bit of everything and a bunch of really fun songs, including this one. The crux of the story was that his family didn’t want him doing something that he loved. Finally after going through and showing his talent, his family learns the truth and he is able to have his talent take of and be enjoyed by all.

Sometimes talent that is hidden and not allowed to flourish is a horrible thing. Over the last decade, we have been in the trenches, and learned so many customer service techniques. We’ve had bosses that had us do things one way, but we knew there was a better way. We have had managers that let us take the reins and run with it and we made them a ton of money. Finally we have the opportunity at Steel Raccoon to take what we know and help make your business something amazing. We can take dead leads (abandoned carts) and turn them into something because we “remember them” and make them feel important and educate them about your product or service. We actually enjoy customer service, which might make us Un Poco Loco.

Easy peasy on this one right? I am sure unless you’ve been under a rock that you know it! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2380307

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