Reddy or Not Here We Go

The title is as big of a clue that I can give you without really giving this all away. Pretty classic story, of a boy and his “imaginary” friend who just happens to be a dragon. They are chased by a backwoods group of people that claim to be his family but really just want a young slave. They find a city that accepts them but not before they cause a little bit of chaos. In the end, you find out the dragon is real and he saves the day by blowing fire to the lighthouse lamp to guide a ship in. Lots of singing and dancing in this one, but one of my childhood favorites. They did a remake but it just didn’t cut it for me, though I did go see it in the theater, as a stand alone movie it was ok, but not the same as the OG.

In the end we are all just individuals looking for a family, and that’s no different than what your customers are looking for. You got them to see your product, and you were able to have them come close to buying, or maybe they bought something and had some issues. We like to create the warm fuzzy, small time family that your customers will love. We also have our secrets and will help you find those lost ships out there with our abandoned cart expert as the beacon. With Steel Raccoon, you know that you’ll be making money by the pound (IYKYK) and have a great family to share it with.

Did you figure this one out, I would bet if you did you’re probably a little “experienced” in life:

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