Are You Telling This Story, or am I

I don’t know about you, but how crazy is it that this song made it to the charts and was played OFTEN on the radio. It is catch, and in my opinion one of the best songs on the soundtrack. This whole story in itself is crazy, alienating someone that can tell you what the future shows because you don’t like or understand what it says. Then tiptoeing around even mentioning their name but not enough that everyone in the village has a story about them. In the end, it takes the vision to actually save everything and they are finally embraced.

Do you see the connection here? This is 2 fold. 1. How often do you look at your numbers, and understand what they say. All too often we just run campaigns and look at the amount that is earned and that’s it. We forget about all the small details, to know exactly how to connect to the second fold.. your customers. Your customers saw something that they thought was of value and you’re ignoring them. Especially those that are kicking tires, your ad got them there, your promotion made them click and fill out a form, but what are you doing with them? All too often those people are ignored but have their own story, with Steel Raccoon, we listen to what they have to say and help them come back to the family and become a valuable asset to the construction of the business you call home. Are you ready to embrace those that you’ve forgotten and help make them part of the story?

I think this one is an easy one. Think you know the movie?

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