Bringing Home the Right “Dog”

Another family post, actually back to back. This time, you’ve got a crazy kid and a sister that’s trying to make everything go ok despite losing their parents. Of course the best thing is to get a new family pet. Little did they know they adopted a crazy alien experiment, and this became a problem. Jobs were lost, things were blown up and lots and lots of havoc was unleashed. With visitors from outer space trying to get the experiment back a galactic adventure ensues. Bringing the family together with the tribulations and ultimately uniting their new family member and showing that being different might be a little more difficult but there is always a way to make it work if you really want to.

Steel Raccoon helps make sure that the “adoption” process from visitor to customer goes smoothly and that all parties find their paths. Sometimes that means finding someone that might have been abandoned, and not expected to be heard from, and help them back on their path. Often it’s answering questions and helping with finding the best product or service bundles to work for their needs. Being the leader in abandoned cart recovery, we make a difference in building the family of customers and making them appear from what seems to be from out of nowhere. Then making sure that everyone is happy and the adventure doesn’t just end when they pass over their payment information, creating repeat customers and maintaining retention for years to come.

There were too many easy ways to go with this , I am pretty sure that between the song and description you’ve got this one.

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