When “Family” meets a family

Sometimes it’s not easy to follow up when you mess up. This song is from a movie where protection wasn’t enough and the assignment was to in essence babysit. Of course with all the silly things you deal with a group of kids from teengers to a baby while still trying to “catch the bad guy”. With good clean fun being the core of this movie with a lot of learning lessons mixed in with action and family banter. In typical Disney fashion, it all has a “family friendly” vibe to it, while still learning some lessons and showing that good always prevails.

Following the same structure, Steel Raccoon is the “agent” you want to be brought in to help your family succeed. We take the different areas of customer service and make sure that as struggles or confusion comes through, we clear it up and make sure that a situation is left with clarity and a positive direction. We are also here to help with the “bad guys” and help with your bottom line, exposing fraud, and helping eliminate chargebacks. All while maintaining a smile and representing your brand like family!

Lots of clues here, I think this was a pretty simple one, did you get it? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0395699/

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