Number One on the Field, Number One in your Heart

Did the title of this give it away. No one I asked when I made this list remembered this as a Disney movie, though it is a cute one and I suppose you can categorize it as a sports movie as well as a cute dramedy. Sometimes you don’t know what is going to hit you, the past comes back and rears itself from times that might not have been something you chose to remember, or was so long ago, you just can’t remember. When this happens, do you choose to make the best of it, or do you fight against it and make matters worse. When you don’t approach these kinds of differences directly it can affect your performance in whatever you might do. Taking a breath and looking at the big picture and choosing to add something that suddenly appears to your current life might be just the ticket to rebranding and finding a new direction for where your future is going to lead.

Your company has a vision, you’ve spent timeless hours developing the concept. Put together the team to build it, found the perfect company to market it and have a clear idea of the direction you’re going and WHAM….. something happens that your entire concept suddenly goes against a belief system you might have, or your advertising might go against what your market approves of. This is when you need customer service the most. Steel Raccoon takes those issues and smooths them out to maintain the goals and visions that your brand had already had, while introducing something new to represent your image in a way that has less controversy. They say that any press is good press, we feel that as long as you address it and are ready to hit it head on, you will stay on top. Adaptation is key in customer service, and having a constant voice ready to represent you is the key to being number one.

Did the title give this one away or did it stump you too?

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