When Community Becomes National

Sometimes I don’t realize how many sequels there are, and how many I actually like. Maybe it’s because if there is a “brand” that is going well, you might as well ride it until the wheels fall off. While I really enjoyed the first of this sports franchise, this one was one of the more “fun” ones to watch. Involving international teams, and having rivalries almost always makes for a good sports movie. Introducing new characters isn’t always easy either, but in this one, it is almost seamless and even carries over to the final edition of the series. This one brings the local faves to the bigger market and adds the ringers it needs to face their international cold blooded opponents.

You guessed it, Steel Raccoon can be your ringer!! Even more, we are US based with an All American super team of agents ready to help your customers. Based out of Nevada and California we are able to maintain the community vibe while you take your company to national levels. Bringing in our ringer, a super closer for Nutra and product based abandoned carts we can help you make money that you didn’t have before and then provide services that keep that customer happy and tell more about what you provide. Happy new customers, more money for you, and a happy client for us…… there it is.. triple dub FTW!

Did you figure this one out? I might just go watch this tonight! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109520

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