There’s Something About Being a Demigod

On repeat… over and over and over. My grandkids played this and STILL ask me to play. I’ve seen TikToks with this song in the background and even some of our family playlists have this song because come on, the Rock singing is just amazing. The fact that his daughter doesn’t even know it’s him IRL that is the voice of the character, doesn’t keep her from having him sing this banger to her. The whole story about finding our who you are through trial and tribulation is a theme we can all relate to, and while we might not have angry volcanos coming at us, we can all find a way to seek help, even if we are the ones that others look to, we can find something special in what we have around us.

Hate to say it, but Steel Raccoon needs your help! Wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around. We love our customers, and their customers but we want to reach more industries and services. While we will help your company win over customers, and convert non customers to sending over their hard earned money. We also want to help your friends, and others in the industry do the same. We don’t have a public referral program but if you get a hold of a member of the management team, we can offer a commision on recommending your friends to check us out. We offer a pretty generous year long percentage for each company you recommend, and just a slightly lower lifetime payout for the life of your referral. That’s right, we help your friends make more money and you get to get paid for it as well. What else can I say other than You’re Welcome!!!

Did you figure out what this movie was? It was an easy one, huh?

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