Being the Bad Guy Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

It took me a while to see this movie, and I liked the sequel as well. What isn’t there to like about race cars and breaking things. While it takes a while to team up, usually the unlikely pairs are able to do things that no one else could. Thinking in brain and brawn helps make this team win over all those that didn’t include the “bad guy” and the community rejoiced in the end that the villain was part of the team and actually a key contributor. With a little sass, and a whole lot of perseverance it shows that the implausible pairing can make a world of difference in the community.

Do you have a product and service that you might not think needs customer service? You might be handling it in house, or even on your own because you “can’t afford” another solution yet. Did you now that we can help recover sales that you wouldn’t have received, and we can apply that to helping your customers through chat, email and phone calls. Is it a product that might not be as easy talk about, but still needs good understanding customer service? Steel Raccoon, maintains a descrept and informational approach to something that might tend to be a little uncomfortable. Having someone talk about something a little risque might be strange, but it also could be a huge benefit to your company and even more your bank account.

Did you figure out the unlikely pair and the movie they share?

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