Why the Clouds, Sunshine?

I might be able to throw you on this one. Let’s see if I can keep from giving it away from the beginning. This is one of the top sports movies that tackles some very serious issues. In the same arena, this is also one of the songs that hit the top, despite having a deep dive outside of the normal “pop/rock” of the time. The fact that the song is upbeat and mirrors the movies challenges, really seems to place the point on what is important. It’s not just about being the best, it’s about having your head in the right place and being who YOU can be, and changing the things that YOU can change. When the big picture becomes more important than what the naysayers are is where lives are changed.

Do you have a life changing product or service? Do you know that you are going to help people save; time, money, effort or even more? The only thing that you can change to strive to get better is yourself? Let Steel Raccoon help that exchange show your customers (and customers to be) understand that you see a bigger picture and that what you are doing is right. Making sure that you are always showing the face of doing the most human thing, and raising to the occasion within yourself despite what the world might say helps you reach the sky and find that winning spirit!

Did this help you figure where it came from? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0210945/

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