Prequel FTW!

Do you cringe when someone makes a new movie of an old classic? The second movie almost never works, how about the 4th, and as a prequel? Well this one blew my mind, both as a totally entertaining movie, and a really good lead in to what the original movie was. While it might not have been as whitewashed as Disney in the early days might have been the characters sure make a lot of sense. The why someone became who they are stories are hit or miss and in this case and my opinion was a total hit. While the song is buried within the movie in the background, the movie itself gets more than two thumbs up.

What was your past story? Were you marketing nicely and looking to find the perfect customers, or were you in the trenches with your customers staying on brand and learning from them to help you build? Did you have to find a way to make your brand stand out from others that are in the same industry like our title character? Steel Raccoon has the grit and the grind to stay up with anyone in any industry and has made it a point to seek out the why, when a sale is lost (abandoned… like the title character) and find a way to hunt the treasure in the ongoing sale and keeping that customer. Our award winning customer service staff is ready to hit the red carpet and have the competition seeing spots!!

A little cheeky I know, but did you guess where this one was from?

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