French Cuisine at its Best

There were a few songs from this that would have really been good to use, but this one was chosen because it’s such a funny scene. Imagine having to hide and run away from being cooked. While someone sang about your demise with such excitement and passion. Step by step singing about what they are doing to make you into a tasty dish. Of course the “good guy” gets away and all is well, but this has me thinking about passion in our our industry.

We have one of a very few reasons to start a business, is it because we want to help someone and have a solution for a problem? Are we trying to make a quick buck emulating something we’ve seen work already? Are we striving to be a star, influencer or guru? Whatever your passion it all comes down to one thing. How your customers see you. With Steel Raccoon we help with that passion. We sing praises to your products and services. We smile and help your customers find the best solutions for their needs and bridge the gap bringing your brand closer to what the customer remembers. Who provides solutions, YOU, that’s who, and with our help it’s going to be what sticks in the customers head and leads to a long relationship and referrals.

This one was easy right? Check to see if you were right!

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