The Mullet Lives

While the title might give you a huge hint, it also might throw you. Another one of the Disney kids grow up, only this one made her claim to fame by playing 2 roles in the same show. One was a rock star the other was the ordinary kid trying to juggle the double role. The mullet, well add the day in with a little Achy Breaky Heart and you’re going to figure this one out pretty simply. But what was it about this double role that lasted season after season and then made one of the more controversial artists in the modern time, who in my opinion has one of my top 10 songs, and may other catchy ones as well.

Mixing this up, customer service has a reputation of being a really rough industry. We completely live on both sides, on one side we are consumers ourselves so we know issues that happen and have had to deal with those as well. On the other side, we listen to the craziest things, excuses, poor reasoning, and the screaming….oh the screaming and yelling that happens because something didn’t go their way. Steel Raccoon has specialized in making sure that the consumer side of things go as smoothly as possible, and that we are able to represent your company to make sure that there isn’t any issue with an order, or simply making it so we understand why an order didn’t go through. Either way we give you the best of both worlds.

Did you guess what this song was from? Check and see if you’re right here.

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