When Did Those Kids Grow Up?

Starting off the “Month of Disney” was one of my kids favorite shows. This post isn’t about the show as many of them will be but more about the star of it. In one of the past months, I used one of her songs with about the same meaning. How did these kids that were on Barney and these types of Disney shows get to be adults that headline in arenas? The transformation from child actor/star to doing something as an adult is pretty amazing. It almost happens in magic ways, and poof, they are adults that are wowing us.

The question is how has your company grown? Is it still in its infant stage? Teen stage? Are you a superstar? We know that marketing and advertising are a huge part of moving to the next level, but we also have proven that customer service is where companies grow up the quickest. It’s the area where you are completely connected to your customer and get to give them the information and help them with decisions. It’s a hand on approach and sometimes you have to deal with things you don’t want to, and voila…..adulting! Let Steel Raccoon help you reach those stages and help speed up your growing up process, or even take your adulthood from figuring it out to wisdom.

Did you guess where this song was from? Go here for the answer. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0799922/

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