Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s my pleasure to introduce to you

Picture this, trivia night at your local pub. Final tally has put you in a 3 way tie for first and the last questions are for the win. The prisege, and free drinks are on the line. The question comes, first two teams miss it, and we know that JT is from Memphis, Tennessee. But the question is in what song, does it mention the town that this singer, originally from the Mickey Mouse club is from. That is what I remember the most from this song is winning that night. My second favorite part of this song is the end, where we try something that they don’t do anymore. Then the back and forth with gals and guys repeating and in the end he wishes the guys adieu and the ladies a good morning. It’s a fun song, that has a lot going on and it’s easy to sing along and get into it.

There’s something heating up, can we work with you? We know that sometimes you test campaigns and they blow up, or have some confusion behind them and you get bombarded with calls and incoming emails. Our team takes that mess and organizes it to make sense for the customer to move forward with working with your company. We help with holiday promotions, we specialize with missed opportunities and we will always win when it comes to protecting you from fraud. Steel Raccoon is the one place where customer service always stays the night, and is there to cook breakfast in the morning. Give us a call and find out more about our services.

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