The Mullet Just May Have A Point

If you haven’t seen the Super Bowl commercial featuring this, you are completely missing out. In general this song was a turning point, and a super great decision and marketing of an up and coming artist with a… dare we say has been? Something about this collab just made sense and not only had a good base to the song, just creates something a little more, especially coming into a year that we would be looking at lockdowns and all the things that 2020 had in store for us and while this song released in 2019, it really had a lot more traction when we were all at home doing all the things online. Then the product placement and endorsements because of this song, really took things from Zero to insanity in less than 60 seconds.

That’s exactly what we do. We take something that is good and just make it better. We create a system that includes email, chat and outgoing calls. We make sure that customers know about all the advantages, and verify their information to also protect from any fraud or potential chargebacks. We create a buzz that can be heard like fluorescent lights in an empty gym. Customer service is something that isn’t new, but our approach to it takes the evergreen techniques and brings them to our time, and makes sure that every person has all the tools to keep traveling down that old town road.

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