When The Bees Dance

If you haven’t seen this video, you’ve gotta take a peep and check it out. Not because it was the greatest video, but because this is one of those iconic moments in the 90’s that just made you smile. A definite one hit wonder that never really hit high on the charts but everyone knew this song. I would venture to say solely on the video and the little bee girl. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a chance of redemption because the lead singer unfortunately passed from an overdose. Just the simplicity of the song and the purity of what the video represented became a staple when someone mentions songs from the 90’s.

So many products and services become a one hit wonder as well, mostly because of a lack of customer service. Even the companies that have a short term plan and just are launching a product as a test, or a new rebrand of a product just to make a few extra dollars, could use our abandoned cart experts to get every dime that is possibly available. With a simple and calculated approach we guarantee that we will make sure that you make extra from your abandons, we help eliminate any chance of chargebacks or fraud with our customer service follow up and over all we make sure that if you aren’t looking for a one hit wonder, that you are set up for success with quality customer service and a happiness that only a little bee raccoon could bring.

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