If you’re around my age you probably danced to Bell Biv DaVoe at your school dance. The group sings about an irresistible woman that has all the right moves and style… heck she has everything. They know the danger because it’s just so much temptation. We bring “Poison” to the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist.

If you dabble in Direct Response Marketing you probably understand Risk better than anyone. Fraud is always on the top of your mind and your representative at the processing company is constantly monitoring your chargebacks and return percentages. The way these products are marketed is always high pressure and builds a picture for the customer of the change they have been searching for. This opens up the door to potential disappointment, doubt if the order will arrive, and a concern that they are locked into a longterm payment plan.

In fact, Doubt is one of the leading reasons that customers preemptively chargeback. Will they actually get the order? Has their information been sold to the highest bidder?

Take a Nutra customer for example, they are sold on supplements that will help them loose weight and that is all they remember from your highly effective presentation. If they don’t actually change their eating or exercise habits we’re just waiting for a refund to happen. Worse yet if they send back the entire 6 bottles right before the Refund Policy ends demand a full reversal back to their card.

Whats the cost of a Refund this late into the game? Its HUGE: Loss of Product, Loss of Revenue, Loss of Affiliate Commission Paid, Loss of Shipping Costs, and more.

This is why our Call Center encourages post sale engagement with your customers on high risk products. The marketing and personal touch is needed well past the point of sale. You can have million dollar day conversions but that will all be gone quick when the flood of refunds comes calling. This can be done with educational and branded follow up content that is not 100% sales driven (this does not mean that you cannot plant the seeds) and having a direct “Welcome Call” to the consumer.

On a “Welcome Call” we contact the customer to ensure that the address and order placed is accurate. *This also helps you fight Chargebacks*

It also gives our agents the chance to explain the use of the product and discuss long term success. Steel Raccoon was built from day one with marketers in mind. We understand the risks and can help you navigate the necessary steps for your continued success.

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