When the Hustle has Swag

I remember when this came out and the steel drum riff hit, I was all that’s fun… and then the edited version started playing on the radio, and it was something else. How can you even enjoy the song when you don’t get to hear half the words and it feels like an old vinyl skipping and yet still has the beat going. This song resonates to me because of the industry we are in has had some interesting areas, both good and bad, but in the end we are all doing the same thing, finding our ways to find our audiences and maintain sales. The problem is that there was a time where the collective group just was about making money and finding ways around doing things to benefit everyone, and mostly just themselves. I personally got hit with “partners” that made their own prelanders without any advertiser claims, and using images that were not good practice. High returns, and already had paid out for the “sale”. This to me is a lot like playing a song like this on the radio, sure at first it’s nice to hear it mainstream and see the “sales” coming in, but after a bit you see it’s just a shoddy copy and doesn’t even give the real effect of what the song is about, nor the campaign.

Steel Raccoon was formed to help this exactly situation, we can help with fraud right away with simple welcome calls, verifying the sales, and discussing the manner to which they heard about the brand or product. We take the abandoned carts to sales that did not happen, and reach out, within a few calls we are able to see the quality of the leads/sales and make sure that we are protecting processing services from fraud charges or chargebacks that can hurt your reputation with them. We also help with incoming calls to make sure that when people see charges on their accounts that they didn’t want that you can provide the best action, and avoid any more banking issues. After all, we’re in this to make some bread!

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