Sum 41

Today we bring “Fat Lip” to the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist. The band Sum 41 originally began as a “cover band” for the legendary punk heroes of Los Angeles, NOFX. They worked hard to get noticed in the pop punk scene and found success after being molded by experts in the music industry.

The manager of the band even moved around individuals to get them mainstream success. I’m sure the old lead singer didn’t enjoy this news (he left the band) but the expert in the field ultimately knew the blueprint for success. You can have a really great base for a company but when you begin to look at a bigger picture you need to evaluate each partner of your business ecosystem.

How about your business? Is your “drummer” holding you back from being Rock Legends? Many garage bands are formed out of convenience and you may have selected a Call Center just to get your business going. Some MIDs actually require that you have a Customer Support team in place before approving your processing.

At Steel Raccoon, we have all the agents ready to compliment your business and take you to the next level of direct response marketing. Let’s make some beautiful music!

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