And POOF, They Grow Up

Have you ever known a kid and then didn’t see them for a while and next thing you know the little baby is a school aged kid, that toddler is a teenager and that teenager becomes an adult. This song was that for me with a “celebrity” the last one that I remember this being from a kid to an adult was Drew Barrymore, who went from Gurdy, to a fun woman who has had her challenges and seems to be on top. This time, it was an exact moment that I went wow, that’s different. It seemed that it went from Barney which I watched with my kids (I know, I know), to Wizards of Waverly Place, and the moment it all changed, was Saturday Night Live, she was the music guest star and did this song. She was a new her, and this was the perfect song for showing that.

We grew up in a time where customer service was what set you apart. Starting just with calling for portrait packages, or call verification. Moving to surveys on Broadway or asking about fancy candy brands. Then nutra verification calls to working with fortune 500 companies doing support and customer interaction. Steel Raccoon has the brand grows as you grow. We follow the path that you are on and adapt as your brand changes. Our team has been involved with simple mom and pop shops, and has worked with multiple teams with companies with millions of sales a year. We even do our own in house product confirmations, upsells, abandoned carts, welcome calls and rebilling reminder calls. There is so much more to tell, I mean I could… but why would I want to.

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