Young, Wild, and Free

“Living Young, Wild, and Free” is the perfect anthem for Work/Life Balance. At Steel Raccoon, we understand the hard grind that is a Call Center and value our employees. My motto has always been, “if we must work 40 hours a week, it might as well be some of the best part of your week.” Ultimately that also means respecting your Call Center Agents during their time away from their workstation.

So many people find it hard to disconnect from work. Email being immediately available on your phone and apps such as Slack create a feeling that your workers are always “On” and “Available”. It’s unfair to the employee to be expected to act like a salaried executive. You have to allow your employees to enjoy their off time.

One of the biggest factors in staffing issues for a Call Center is burn out. It’s the responsibility of the management team to keep things fresh by cycling campaigns or helping find special projects that are off the telephone. It’s also a great rule of thumb to have everyone in management be trained to hop on the phones. This builds trust from your agents as they fully know that you understand the calls that they take and the stress levels that may come with them.

Back to my friends, Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa, let’s encourage everyone to live to the fullest. When it’s time to unwind, really enjoy it and treat yourself when possible. Have fun and don’t care who sees. At the end of the day, its your ability to detach that will create a longer term journey.

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