Not the Bling you Were Thinking

With July right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to slow things down and go in the direction of a Star Spangled Rodeo. Thinking about the buckles and the events that go along with a rodeo, the work that these guys put into their profession and the aches and pains from doing what they love. The times have changed tho. They used to have the best “getups” bright colors, lots of blings and frills. It made it so much crazier, they are now more athletes and have their jeans and wear things a little tighter to keep things safer, and get their results better. The times of the shine are gone other than in parades and memories.

We know about the process of making a campaign look like something shiny and new. The next best product or service. The bells and whistles, and warm and fuzzies all to bring someone in to a sale. Then… poof, it’s just another person. We value customer service, we want to be like the old rodeo days and get those letters and cards from people saying that they appreciate the help, or you getting emails thanking you for your amazing service. Steel Raccoon believes in making things look amazing, giving the star bling smiles with a wink of a thank you. Our foundation is based on taking the fireworks that takes to get a customer in, and making it a memory for years to come so they keep coming back year after year.

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