Shake Ya Tail(feather)

Nelly is back again! By way of a beautiful coincidence he returns for the 4th time to the Steel Raccoon Spotify playlist. If Nelly is one thing in the hip hop community its consistency. He literally set the tone of the Bad Boys soundtrack with “Shake Ya Tailfeather”.

You could argue that Steel Raccoon is the “Nelly” of direct response and customer support. Talented marketers know that when you bring us to the campaign you are going to get consistent sales and satisfaction. Its why you outsourced to begin with! To get results that you cannot achieve in-house.

But what about the consistency? Is your sales and service goals still being met after the honeymoon period? The average call center has 90% turn over so odds are that you have an entire different agent team taking your customer calls then when you originally signed up. Doubling down, I’m certain that your refunds have increased and the AOV is down. Why? Toxic Turnover Syndrome.

Steel Raccoon invests in our team to avoid the traditional call center pitfalls. I’ve always said that we must work, why can’t it be part of the best 40 hours of your week! It’s how we avoid turn over and continue our results ever day of the relationship.

It’s time that you learn how much your partner in support matters. Our Inbound Support can tune your business into a fully supported venture.

Until then, Shake your tails!

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