Understanding You

Sometimes change is hard to really understand. I remember when I was a teenager, I had a hard time with this band, I was really deep into the 80’s glam rock scene, and they were “harder” than what I thought. After I got out of school, and opened my mind to other music I gave them another chance. With one of the most insane videos of a song that tugs at you by a band, featuring Johnny Got His Gun and just the thought of what it would be like to not be able to communicate because of an injury and still hear what those around you are saying, or doing without the ability to do something about it. Insane to think about. The album rocks on, and then years later… out comes the “Black” album. Everyone was up in arms about how commercial and “sold out” that the band became. It rocked out becoming number one, it put out songs that were played on the radio, and it made them pretty much a household name. It ends up that doing this actually helped them bring in more fans, and in turn listened to the past albums and paved the way for the harder bands to do the same. This song, is probably one of the top 3 songs on the album, and really takes a nice look about making change and identifying what is important.

Working with other customer service companies in the past the owners of Steel Raccoon made it a top priority to make our team the focus of our growth. In an industry that can have high turnaround, we focus on our partners, and making sure that our team is trained to understand the projects they are working on, helping them to identify as one of the brands family or voices. We put the trust in our team to represent our partners to the highest quality of service. We believe in a solid work life balance and are prepared with multiple voices in case someone isn’t available, Putting the edge in customer service while slowing down the rotation process. We believe that a happy and educated team, will give you the best results. Nothing else really matters.

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