Sometimes you can just feel that greatness is just around the corner. When 311 wrote their hit song “Down”, they set out to celebrate themselves and their loyal fan base. They believed in themselves and knew that they were set for superstardom and used this track to thank their fans and recognize the band for their combined efforts to bring 311 to where it is today.

When I sat down with the founders of Steel Raccoon to create this venture, I had this same exact feeling. Knowing that greatness will come from all the years of hard work and relationships. Our team was going to focus on service first and cultivating the best service team in the industry.

Today, I am merely asking the same. Are you ready to be down with us? Our company is set on breaking into new verticals and exploring where you can take Customer Support. Its really a lost art and all the conversations I hear lately is how the lack of service is killing return business.

We set out to bring a return of true “White Glove” care no matter what type of product or service. We shock and awe with meaningful conversations that lead to all the metrics you want as a business owner.

We have always been down.

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