Yep, We Just Might Be the Best

When this dropped, it was insane. I grew up listening to ‘Em, and literally watched when he had all the “slim shady” pouring through celebrities with the same look, same blonde hair. Fast forward and he disappeared for a while, then BOOM dropped this insanity. Showing that he was still on top after all this time. This song at the time had the most word in one song, which is insane for just 6 minutes. While he mentions a few things in this song, the reality is that the basis of it all is just a pure song about how good he really is. The flow, the beat, the intro. Everything about this song just makes me smile. The attitude fits right along with what he was as a kid, while he has nothing to prove, he still steps up and makes something with straight value. Tributes to some, with a few pretty good disses. Of course it wouldn’t be him if it didn’t have some controversial edge to it, but if you’re following and listening to it, you get it.

We took off a few years, and our owner sat back and waited for his moment. Opening Steel Raccoon right when the industry needed it. Struggle with conversion, fraud issues and a lack of repeat customers. We saw a lot of changes with the pandemic, and with prices going sky high the only way to take a stand and grow is to find a way to keep customers coming in, make problems go away and most of all improve conversion through outbound processes. We have THE top outbound agent bringing in multiple millions of dollars from calls that were already lost. That’s right, these were lost sales that turned into sales and ongoing customers. There is nothing better than making lemonade out of lemons. Let us help you shake the trees and let the juices of the fruit flow.

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