Summer Jams

Today we bring Calvin Harris and his mega hit “Summer” to the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist. You can give a lot of credit to the title of the song and the melody but this track is pretty much on every “Summer Jams Playlist”. Rightfully so! It touches on summer romance and how naturally things can dissolve when the relationship is built on dishonesty. The leaves turned brown and it was over faster than it started.

The beat of the song isn’t too shabby either!

I recently had a talk with a business connection who just launched their new fulfillment company. I’d summarize the conversation best as we as companies in the direct response industry need to be service first focused. So much effort is made to sign a client and many organizations immediately start to unravel from the new business. We spoke about that If you can manage to have a partner in business that you truly enjoy their company and believe in their skillset, you can can literally move mountains.

Its why our approach with customers has always been relationship focused because the benefits pour in from increased loyalty (more sales) and satisfaction of the product (low refunds/chargebacks).

When you trust your business with our Inbound Call Center, we take it serious and want to build a relationship that spans years and not a quick summer fling.

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