Transforming The Youth

My daughter used to put this on all of our family playlists when she was in high school. I always found it to be a little funny and quirky and really liked the distortion in the music. Then I really started to look at the lyrics. OH MY… When this released in 2006, you never thought of the insanity that kids of the modern world have to deal with. As an 80’s kid, yeah yeah, pipe down I know I am old, life was simple, school, homework, play, dinner, bed, repeat. Then gone all weekend at whoevers house we go to or insanity that we dreamed up. Get home before the street lights were on, and you knew everyone’s parents and the parents knew each other. Now, in the digital age, there is a lack of real interaction, the black mirror effect is going full force, and they have to deal with so many more of the worlds problems. The fact that these kids grow up so fast, is an indicator to how the times have changed. Somethings for the better, and a lot of things just feel sad to me because it’s so much on their shoulders without really having a foundation to build on yet. I still have faith in the generations to come, but we sure have been making it difficult for them.

I feel that a lot of this is because of a lack of communication. Communication has become a lost art, and if it isn’t done correctly or timely there is a good chance that the message will be lost because of a delay or missing the tone. Steel Raccoon helps bridge the communication barrier. Whether it is through chat, email or phone our team is trained to listen and represent the values and voice of your brand. We make sure that there is no issue with communication with their order, they are able to get information about your product, or can get help with any issue they might have. We take the confusion and turn it into confidence in your brand. All behind the scenes while you build the look and feel out there. In the end, we turn a baby budding product, help give it some depth in growing up, and move it from a teenager to an adult in this new world. We have you covered, no matter how scary the world might get!

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