It’s a Comeback.. Check It Out

In 2004, the Beastie Boys returned from a hiatus and self produced their first album. I’ve always felt that “Ch-Check it Out” was a statement that they’re legends in the industry and have not lost a step in getting the party started like true MC’s of the rap game.

I reflect this attitude in my business today. As much as the Beastie Boys, before my self produced venture I had over 20 years of experience and have made my partners millions of dollars in the process. After a short hiatus of the pandemic, I’m here to take the Call Center industry forward and be innovative in every step of its direction. At Steel Raccoon we embrace technology and data as a blend of the entire Customer Support effort.

“I’m a man on a mission” says the song and it’s time to turn the party up.

When determining your partner for an Outsourced Call Center you want to work with experienced teams that can continue to bring results year after year. An inbound call center is only successful with top leadership, talented agents, and being technology forward.

Steel Raccoon is that partner for your business.

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