Creating Something Real But Not

Remembering back with this song, I always liked it, it wasn’t until many years back when I learned what Gorillaz really was. Could you imagine thinking I hope this band goes on tour and waiting waiting, only to see that it was a simulation of a band represented by a quirky comic team. Yep, mind blown. Then going down the rabbit hole and researching the whole background just absolutely pushed this whole concept to another level. Soon after this rabbit hole, my son told me that he had been following them and collecting memorabilia. The music was great, the concept was so good, and the characters had their own storylines. There is absolutely nothing that I’ve ever seen like it. As they have aged, and more and more people have known about them, the actual band has popped their head out, just literally amazing that it was created the way it was.

When it comes to creating a brand you need all kinds of behind the scenes things. You need to have the product or service you’ve developed, a call to action for your visitors and customers and a way to communicate with those that want to interact with you. Steel Raccoon becomes your behind the scenes hero, providing service for those that want to know more about you, we can let them know more about what you do, we can help them find the best product or service for their needs and we can help with problems that they might have with ordering, or with their order. We are the behind the scenes while you create your buzz out in the world. Providing you with the back up that you need to create the vibe that sets the tone for your company. In the end, we know that we will make your customers and visitors Feel Good, while giving an exceptional value to your brand.

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