10 Tips for Email Support Mastery

“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company!” – Connie Edler

Good customer service requires effective strategy and planning. One way to keep your customers updated so that they can communicate with your company appropriately is to send them emails regularly.

Numerous emails await every minute to be answered promptly by a company to its customers. These emails need to be replied to in a very effective way to avoid delays. A customer always wants to be replied promptly which would make him trust the company more.

The company needs to make the emails productive in order to communicate well with their customers. What are the ways in which it can be made possible? Effective emails would enhance the interactive approach between the company and customers and there are some tips to make the process easy and productive.

1. Use Email Templates

There are hundreds of emails received each day and it becomes overwhelming to reply to each one of them on time. Some companies fear that using email templates would take away the personal touch of the email but automation comes in handy when hundreds of emails are to be answered as quickly as possible.

The more emails you receive, you would notice that many emails would only be repetitive so having some templates would help solve some of the most common issues which would save a lot of time.

Here are some of the most common benefits of using email templates:

  • It saves time
  • It would improve email response rates
  • It would ensure brand consistency
  • It would simplify personalization
  • It would reduce human error
  • Ultimately customer satisfaction would be improved

2. Make Your Email Personal

Using email templates is good but you should not give the impression that the customers are talking to a robot. You need to personalize your emails to give individual attention to the customers. People always like to be addressed personally so that they can connect to you in a good way.

3. Keep It Simple

Your customers might not be familiar with the company’s terminology and you need to keep the words simple when replying to the emails. Simple words would help make the customers understand in a better way. That doesn’t mean your customers are not smart enough but you need to avoid any misunderstanding.

4. Check the Tone

The tone of your email would actually tell about your attitude with which you want to address the customer.

Different types of tones for a customer service email can be;

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Humorous
  • Serious
  • Optimistic
  • Motivating
  • Respectful
  • Assertive

It depends on your approach and the nature of the email which would determine the tone of your email. Mostly, professional emails are written formally and respectfully but if you’re dealing with your customers, the tone should be respectful and casual. Even if you have to deny a request, the tone should be polite and casual which should not offend the customer in any way.

5. Pay Attention to the Way You Deliver News

The customers always want to read good things. If you are going to give them bad news at the end of your email, they would feel negative about you. Giving them hope and positive news at the last would simply cheer them up. They would connect to you properly and have a good impression after reading the good news.

6. Proofread & Check Everything

A well-written email without any typing errors would sound more professional and would convey your point of view in a much better way. You should always check for minor details just to make your email grammatically correct.

If the language of the email is not correct, it truly gives a bad impression of your brand. If you have given any links, make sure they open up to the right page. Proofreading is very important in sending well-written emails to customers.

7. Give Links When Needed

Including links in your emails would make your customers understand your emails in a better way. Nobody likes reading long and boring emails. Links would help the customers save time. Your email would highlight the most important features of the product, and the links would give details and other information regarding the product. Your email should not cram too much information which would make the customers not want to read them.

8. Always Thank Them

Thanking people is a polite way of communicating with them. The customer has put effort into writing the email to you so you would not want to sound arrogant or impolite. The best way to reply to your customers is to always thank them for getting in touch with you. Writing phrases like ” Thank you for your email” or “Thank you for writing to us” could help positive vibes get back to the customer.

Always ask for their feedback and thank them for giving you the feedback whether positive or negative. This will make the customers trust you more as they would feel that you are prepared to take negative comments too. Deal politely with any negative feedback. It would help improve the quality of your product and would enhance your customer services.

9. Make Sure You Answer All the Queries

Always check the email with queries and make sure you answer all of them in your reply. This would make your customer happy and deal with you in a good way. Even if you don’t have an answer at that time, you can always tell them that you would get back to them. Customers really like when you answer all their queries which means you have given importance to their email.

10. Conclude with Clear Results

 Customers want to have a clear idea about their queries. If you fail to answer them clearly, they would be confused after reading the reply. Your clear answers would help them clear their minds of any ambiguities regarding the product.


Just for a quick recap, here are 10 tips to create the best customer service emails;

Use email templates

Make your emails personal

Keep it simple

Check the tone

Pay attention to the way you deliver news

Proofread and check everything

Give links when needed

Always thank them

Make Sure You Answer All the Queries

Conclude with clear results

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