Ghosts N’ Stuff

My fandom of electronic music has always been an interesting relationship. I’ll hear a new song that captivates me and the love returns of the creativity of this genre. Like most things, an eventual burn out occurs and this type of music fades away from my daily listening. “Ghosts N’ Stuff” was my first introduction to Deadmau5 and a great example of one of those times in my life that I fell in love with electronic music.

Customers are ready to fall in love again as well… with your company! Customer want to experience the “Wow Factor” again. Modern support is now rushed and extremely transactional minded. It’s why huge companies have outsourced their support overseas and have eliminated human contact as much as possible. Its honestly why I recently divorced AT&T as my cell phone carrier. When it came time to look at upgrading to a new phone and committing long term service, I felt like I was a number and not appreciated. The chat support essentially made me feel that I was lucky to be having phone service at all. So I made the decision to vote with my wallet and take my business elsewhere.

I ask all business owners to experience their brand like a customer would. Call into the customer support (I also suggest quality assurance on the email & chat services too) and find out how you are treated. Do you feel like a valued customer? Do you feel that the agent on the other side of the phone even is listening?

How likely would a customer needing more information be likely to purchase if this was the level of day to day care? As an entrepreneur I can see you visioning all the lost sales and the potential product returns from questions not being clearly answered.

Your second call should be with our talented team. Where we can get a clear understanding of your customer type and how we can be the BPO partner that is needed in these new times. Customers demand to feel important and heard, it’s time you cater to them.

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