Ur So Cool

What a wonderful Sunday to talk about the indie pop musical sensation “The Tones and I” on the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist blog! Did I pick the song “Ur So F*cking Cool” because I am trying to SEO the F word? Clever yes, but actually I choose this track because it dives into the fake-ness of people and trying to have a real connection instead of moving on to the next experience.

We recently experienced Affiliate Summit East and the above still rings true. It’s easier to spot the false promises nowadays after a few hard lessons of the past. Sorting through what is fluff and what is actual results can be difficult in a room full of marketing personalities. It’s why I have never gone to that show with a quota in mind for business because if you are relationship focused first the clients will come easier but I need to know that you feel the same way as me before we enter a business partnership. Most of these big talkers can barely schedule a follow up call let alone make good on their promises.

Customer Service is the same way. As a customer in our own lives, we want to feel that the company cares about having us be a loyal longterm customer or not. Its why you see a low percentage of return customers in most verticals. Nothing feels special anymore to the customer so they try the experience and move on.

This connection is why our team is big on setting the tone with a new customer. Aside from managing stellar inbound customer support, we also do custom campaigns to engage with your customer to build that all important loyalty. I’ve said numerous times that Steel Raccoon is a Call Center built for Marketers and this is a good example why. We never take the blue print approach to each campaign because we don’t like the smell of fake-ness. We want real connections and we want your customers to be able to enjoy this.

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