Whole New Sesame Street

Can you sing the alphabet song without singing it? Do you add the now I’ve sang my ABC’s at the end? There are 2 things to this song. First, the obvious, it’s catchy and makes you sing the alphabet beginning in a whole different way. Second, so much resentment with added humor. The truth is that in any relationship that becomes broken it’s more than just the central two that are affected. There are two sets of family and friends, and yep even some of our furry friends. Making the right decision in any relationship is essential to making sure your time is optimized and not wasted. It’s not any different in business. You might use a software and needed something different, you might have evolved away from a logo, and even valued employees come and go. It’s never an easy thing to endure, but it is part of life. The one thing that these types of songs, and situations don’t have the answer to is what’s next. That is one of the first things that Steel Raccoon considered when we started was the fact that we were more than likely going to take some business from others that do the same thing. We are more than just the pretty new and next partner. We are not just a replacement, we strive to become family. We learn about your company, we learn about your customers, and we make sure that when things get rough that we provide a solid foundation to get up and move forward. In a me first society we are looking out for you first, you heard that right, we want you to succeed, we want the success to rub off on your customers, and make it so when the holidays come, that we are all sending out cards. We know that there are ups and down, and our internal policies are designed to become like family, so when things go wrong, and you send the friends and family and that broke-ass car packing that we will still be there wagging our tail supporting you.

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