Any Given Sunday

MOTHERFUCKER JONES!!!! Yep, I said that. The movie Horrible Bosses always has had a soft spot for me. I’ve had my share of horrible bosses, and just MIGHT have wanted to have them disappear. When we started Steel Raccoon one of the first things I wanted to be assured of is that we wouldn’t be THOSE bosses. The industry has a bad enough reputation, and we wanted to change that internally. When MFJ was able to give a plan for the “guys” it was just about taking the money. Fast forward 6 years, and MFJ joins forces with Ye and now sings about more about taking the money. Getting Superbowl rings, and still having nothing in the bank. The reality is that we know that the world revolves around the cold hard dolla. That being said, it doesn’t have to revolve around making someone disappear or even cheat anyone out of a dollar. The fact is that Steel Raccoon looks at the whole picture and finds way to bring the dollars that already existent but just needs to be picked up. Our outbound agents are some of the top ones in the country and have had success that itself has earned more money than a lot of call centers combined. We are here to help your community family, and you don’t even need a prenup to get paid!

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