Good Feeling

Sometimes you get a good feeling. Sometimes you get a feeling you’ve never felt before. Welcome to the the post about Good Vibes and how it relates to sales on the telephone. With summer kicking off it was time that Flo-Rida joined the ranks of musical infamy, “The Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist.”

People buy impulsively and most of these purchase decisions are made from a gut feeling. You might even describe it as a “Good Feeling”. Its honestly the number one reason that your customer will explore all the content on your website but opt to contact customer service to complete the sale. They want to believe everything you are saying but something isn’t just making sense to them. Maybe it sounds too good to be true? The customer does want the change that you have built for them but they have been mislead before.

They decide to call to make a purchase. They will say that they don’t like using their card online but ultimately they want to know for themselves that you sound like a legit organization. This is where Steel Raccoon thrives because we are experts at matching the tone of your offer. We bring the realism to the product and earn the trust of your customer through helpful listing and asking questions that lead to a sale. This is why our team excels at upselling on the phone. We go further than your website to earn trust and that leads to wallets being opened.

Think about the alternative. Your customer is looking for that familiarity and trust and they get dumped into a call center overseas. This puts your company at an immediate disadvantage and creates more ways for your customer to lose that “Good Feeling”. At the bare minimum you complete a low level transaction that will be high risk for return.

As a business that produces sales. You want to build those amazing feelings. Why would you squander that with sub par customer support?

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